Laura Hopkins, LPC

Laura Hopkins is a Licensed Professional Counselor; she is passionate about helping her clients heal, grow, and thrive. Laura has worked as a counselor in private practice offices, a middle school and inpatient/outpatient psychiatric hospitals. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, she was a teacher in public and private settings for approximately 20 years. Laura has two daughters, ages 17 and 20, who have grown up in the Lakeway area. Personal and professional experiences have helped Laura gain a keen awareness of the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and relational challenges many individuals and their families face on a daily basis. 


Laura has a gift for connecting with her clients so they feel safe to be themselves and to share openly. Laura believes in the importance of working through past trauma and grief, which can cause tendencies toward depression. She encourages clients to set goals with action plans, while addressing unnecessary anxiety. Laura works with clients to help them place a focus on the present moment, to nurture an attitude of self-compassion, to practice positive thinking and to interact with others in a respectful, effective way. So often, clients  wonder "what is wrong" with them and make self-demeaning comments, reinforcing thoughts and feelings from past experiences and relationships. Laura helps her clients gain wisdom from their challenges and cope with the difficulties they encounter in healthy ways. This, in turn, leads to better relationships and a better outlook on life. 


Healing past wounds and embracing hope for the future empowers Laura's clients to live more vibrantly in the present. Laura looks forward to working with you and helping you achieve your vision, whatever that may be.

Specialties Include:
  • Relationship Issues

  • Mood Disorders

  • Divorce

  • Blended Family Concerns

Rates Include:
  • Free, 20 minute phone consultation

  • $150 - 50 minute individual or family counseling session

  • $180 extended 75-minute individual or family counseling session

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